Every plant in all our publications is photographed in our own studio painstakingly. Through the years, we have built an impressive photo library of aquarium, terrarium, pond and marginal plants.

Currently, our second edition Aquarium Plant Catalogue is out of stock. This is because we are preparing for our third edition, which will be launched in the October 2000. Reserve a copy now.



Aquarium Plant Catalogue - First Edition
Our first pictorial catalogue was published in 1991.
Every picture was photographed inhouse and it marked the start of building our very own image library.



Aquarium Plant Catalogue - Second Edition
More plant pictures, more product information and more user friendly features.These were incorporated into our second edition, which was published in 1995.



Echinodorus Poster
In 1997, we published 36 species of the Echinodorus family in a poster format.

These included the Oriental* (registered to Tropica APS, Denmark), Indian Red* and Ozelot New* (both registered to Hans Barth of Dessau, Germany).

Other more exotic species of the Echinodorus family featured in our poster include Apart, Gabrieli, Horemanii"Red", Ozelot, Green Ozelot and Red Rubin.